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Why cant i find a friend on spotify

Follow artists to receive notifications and never miss a new release. Note: Your Spotify account must be connected to Facebook to find your friends in this list. Or, ask your friends to share their profile with you. Not working? Toggle navigation Spotify. How can we help you?

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How to follow someone on Spotify, so you can keep track of your friends and favorite artists

I am brand new to Spotify. I cannot find a certain Spotify user. I am logging in using the FB login. I don't know if I should use the Spotify login. I am not friends with this person on FB. I do not have a "Follow" button just a "People" button. When I have tried to Search for this person, I have even tried the Spotify:user:username. Doesn't come up. I know they are here, only reason why I have joined.

Go to Solution. I have a similar issue. I've linked my account to Facebook, but I can't find my friend. My friend is also not able to find me. If this post was helpful, please add kudos below! View solution in original post. How you find people is different depending on whether the person you are trying to find created their account using Facebook or if they have a dedicated Spotify username and password.

If they created their account and have a dedicated username and password, then you are using the correct search to find them. If they created their account using Facebook, then their username will be a string of digits which you need to search for using the same method as above. Finding out these numbers is the hard bit.

Alternatively, if you can find one of their playlists or get them to inbox you something that would also do the trick. Ah, I know what I did wrong.

I was using the search term in the 'people' section. But all I had to do was using the regular search bar! The other easy way to find it is to go to your own profile in the Spotify desktop client, right click on your name at the top of the displayed profile page and select "Copy Spotify URI". Paste that into notepad or somewhere else and your spotify username which will be 10 digits if you have a Facebook created account will be there.

I too am trying to find people throug the desktop - I know that the two people I am looking for have signed up through spotify - and I believe their usernames to be the same name that shows up on my people page?

I did ask one of them and she confirmed that is her username but when I search her it says she doesn't exist.. I am having the same problem. I go the search bar and type in, but only "unknown user" comes up.. I liked the people link before, because you could easily find users either by facebook or usernames.

Now you need to search, but nothing comes up even if I try usernames or regular names.. What can I do? By using our website you agree to our use of cookies in accordance with our cookie policy. Learn more here. Can't find a Spotify user Solved! Go to solution. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Can't find a Spotify user. Accepted Solutions. Re: Can't find a Spotify user. Community Legend. I know both of our usernames, but entering it in each others account doesn't give any result.

Everyone's tags 5 : Desktop. Reply 13 Likes. Reply 1 Like. All you need to do is write in the profile name as it is and then double tap the space bar. For some reason this works. Mobile and tablets only View solution in original post. Reply 0 Likes. Everyone's tags 4 : facebook. Casual Listener. I went to my online profile but I don't see a ten digit number. Where would i find this? Everyone's tags 3 : facebook. Reply 2 Likes. Not applicable.

It happend to me when I didn't use the account for a long time and got a popup at startup. The userfield on the right side was then black. As I restarted spotify the userfield on the right side was grey and the search worked. Charged twice per month. Last update: How to change Premium subscription.

I have full internet connection, but it says I'm o Log In. Solved Replies Last update:


I want to follow a facebook friend on Spotify - However only a few of my facebook friends show on spotify - this guy definately has spotify but doesn't show on my list of FB friends to follow. How can I find him on Spotify? Go to Solution. If this post was helpful, please add kudos below! View solution in original post.

I've noticed this has been happening to my account for months but the issue just can't seem to sort itself out. I've posted about it before but wasn't able to get any help.

I am brand new to Spotify. I cannot find a certain Spotify user. I am logging in using the FB login. I don't know if I should use the Spotify login. I am not friends with this person on FB.

How can we help you?

I can't search for friends to follow. A certain group of friends are all metal heads, like myself, and I can't find them to follow! Why is it that when I type in the search bar only artists come up? That makes perfect sense but it is the only place in the program I can see to search. Is this a bug? Was it left out of the programming? When I go to the follow page it has friends suggested wrong ones , the friends I'm looking for do use Spotify by the way, and are looking for me to follow as well. If so, typing the name into your friend into the search box but not pressing enter should offer them as a search suggestion under the heading "Users" like below:. If this post was helpful, please add kudos below! Anyways, you can reconnect to them by manually going to their user pages ie, navigate to spotify:user:theirusername in the search box , then following them there.

How to Find Friends on Spotify

Much like many other media platforms these days, Spotify offers a social networking component. Spotify allows you to find and add your friends, so you can check out their taste in music. Additionally, fans can keep tabs on their favorite artists by following their Spotify accounts, so they never miss when new music drops. Whether you want to keep tabs on your favorite Ska band, or simply want to judge your best friend's music taste, here's how to follow someone on Spotify. Launch Spotify on your Mac or PC and log in to your account.

Go to Solution. I was having the same issue.

Spotify users initially set up their accounts by connecting to Facebook via an app or by using a non-Facebook email address. The music service automatically finds Facebook friends who have Spotify accounts every time you log in through its computer software or Web player. It doesn't automatically locate friends you've connected with through other social networks, though, nor does it provide an option to search for a friend by email address.

HOW TO: Add All Your Friends On Spotify

Download the Apple Spotify App Here. You must have a combined karma of 40 to make a post, and your reddit account must be at least 30 days old; this is to prevent spam and is strictly enforced. To open the playlists in the desktop app instead of the webplayer, please toggle the option in the settings menu of the webplayer.

This wikiHow teaches you how to follow a friend's profile on Spotify. Following a person allows you to see updates for their activity; for example, if the person creates a new playlist, you'll be able to see and listen to that playlist from your Spotify home page. You can follow Spotify users on both mobile and desktop versions of Spotify. To add friends on Spotify, first, open Spotify on your mobile phone or computer. Then, click on the search bar near the top of the screen and enter your friend's name.

I'm having the exact same problem. Plenty of friends on Spotify that have facebook linked that I can't find. It's acting like I have zero. What can I do to see the suggestions again, or to be able to find any friends at all? This is happening to me as well. At least this is a very common issue. Hope a solution is found soon, though this thread dates back a ways. I am also having this issue and have emailed Spotify via their contact form no answer yet but it was only yesterday.

You search with "spotify:user:person_spotify_username" in the search bar, for people who are not on your friend's list, though you have to know their spotify  4 answers.








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