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Spider man meet and greet disneyland paris

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I've just seen on twitter that apparently Spider-man will be the first marvel character to be a DLP. What does everyone think of this? I personally think it's a great ideal my 4 year old son is marvel crazy. I hope that they have decided to keep him for longer.

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SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Exclusive SpiderMan meet during the Marvel Summer at Disneyland Paris

Spider-Man at DLP - Disneyland Paris Forum

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Disneyland Paris is temporarily closed due to the global coronavirus pandemic. See the latest official updates. Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? Home Help Login Register. Dolph Hakuna Matata Posts: COuld be a decent idea, we had to wait ages for Spiderman and the queuing area was really dull for the kids.

Just wondering how the would work? DC Give a little whistle Posts: They're installing free wifi in the parks. The not having a smartphone to use the app part I'm curious to know how it'll be.

Mixed feelings. Wifi will need to work well. I know everyone carries their phones now but i actually prefered not to cos it meant hubby was just playing on his phone all the time. Having said that last time we met spidey there was no disabled access.

They said the 10 person queue would be about 30 minutes so hubby stood in it while we stood at the side. An hour and a half later we finally met spidey. Having an actual time would be really helpful Will be interesting to awe how it works out. You can fly! Posts: The feedback from the Moana trial was people liked the idea but the technology should be more modern.

I suspect if this proves to be a success and popular Disney will develop this for their own app but obviously it's quicker to use an existing one for a trial.

Tbh I hope this is the start of Paris catching up with its US counterparts are regards technology - booking restaurants and fastpasses online would be far easier than the system they have now! Pete's Dragon Substitutiary Locomotion Posts: Nioli Give a little whistle Posts: I got to try this new system on Wednesday and honestly apart from the fact that I had to download the app first it worked great!

I selected the meet and greet in the app and was told that I was in a virtual queue, and that it would be my turn in a little under two hours. I was then able to wander the studios getting a bunch of other things done in that time, at which point the app told me it was my turn and I went to the location.

The cast members outside checked my screen to see that it was indeed my turn, and then I went straight on into the building where I only had to wait a few seconds before meeting Spidey, which turned out to be one of my all time best meet and greets to boot! It's a great system, and I hope Disneyland Paris expand it to cover more things! I'm sure they'll incorporate this in their app if the feedback from this trial seems positive - after all, happier customers who are not queuing and are potentially elsewhere spending money is a win win for them!

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Spider-Man meet and greet. Disney paris - Disneyland Paris Forum

I was trying to find out more information about timings but all I've able to figure out is that its in the backlot of the studios. For anyone who's done this, if we get there at opening time, how long do you estimate the queue to be. It's going to be Thursday next week. You will get daily schedule programme onsite.

Hi, I have just read the most recent programme and it lists the spiderman meet and greets but I thought that he was only staying in disney until the end of summer. Is he really still there and if so does anyone know how long he will be there?

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Spiderman Meet & Greet on park programme. - Disneyland Paris Forum

Hi my son is really looking forward to meeting Spider-Man We are going in october?! You can keep an eye on the scheduled meet and greets here, it won't update for your week until the Friday before you go. There is some conflicting information around at the moment regarding Spidey's future with Disney. However it's also being reported that there will be a Spiderman ride coming when the new Marvel themed land is finally built Peter Provincial Park. Log in to get trip updates and message other travellers. Spider-Man meet and greet. Disney paris. Watch this Topic.

Disneyland Paris is getting an Avengers-themed land complete with Spiderman ride

Does anyone have any photos if they have been? My son loves spider man but is v sensitive and likes to know what he is going into so would help me a lot if I could show him what it's like? Thanks Patricia. That was def my favourite meet and greet. Dd's was Buzz, but just by a whisker I'd say.

Does anyone have any photos if they have been?

Disneyland Paris is temporarily closed due to the global coronavirus pandemic. See the latest official updates. Welcome, Guest. Please login or register.

Spiderman meet & greet - Disneyland Paris Forum

Disneyland Paris is set to get a new Avengers themed offering complete with a Spiderman ride. Disneyland Paris is set to give budding superheroes the chance to hone their skills and learn from the best heroes themselves in a brand new Avengers Campus coming to the theme park. But what's particularly exciting about the new Marvel offering is that it will bring a brand new, Spider-Man themed ride too! In fact you'll be joining your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man on a mission as you learn to sling webs just like the hero, and get a taste of what it's like to have his superpowers.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Disneyland Paris Spider-man meet and greet 2016

Back Lot, near Blockbuster Cafe. I've just read via twitter that he's there til July 14th! Would have loved to meet him with ds at the end of July. My 4 year old loves characters but when I mentioned Spiderman would be there he freaked out and started crying. Having never watched Spiderman I think he has assumed that he us baddie so I must remember to check out some cartoons on YouTube before we go.

Pictures of spider man meet and greet - Disneyland Paris Forum


1 post. Spider-Man meet and greet. Disney paris. 28 Aug , PM. Save. Hi my son is really looking forward to meeting Spider-Man will be very upset if.


New Spiderman Meet & Greet Queuing System via app


Is spiderman still doing meet and greets? - Disneyland Paris Forum




Spider-Man to debut at Disneyland Paris, bringing more Marvel meet-and-greets to Disney theme parks



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