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My husband wants me to get a better job

But it is not at all obvious. The results I see are husbands starting businesses, or growing their businesses, and getting promotions—three in one year, sometimes——or winning sales contests and getting raises. And it was all because their wives took this scary, but enormously gratifying, approach. In fact, just like jealousy, it has the opposite effect, which I explain here. First my husband made less, then he made nothing as I continuously hinted, reminded, nagged and urged him to find a way to earn more income.

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Husband wants me to go back to work

By Guest -yoo-, April 16, in soompi hangout. I know it's not a lot but he keeps on stressing me and telling me to get a better degree so I can get a better job. He feels like if I continue with that career, it wouldn't help me to be financially stable in the future. We've been arguing a lot lately and I just feel like he's looking down on me and my job. Sometimes I don't know how to deal with it anymore. Any advice? I have a question what degree and kind of profession he is?

Getting a better job doesnt mean stability plus perhaps its not something you like. If he loves you enough he'll forget about it and let you do whats best but if hes ashamed of your job title then leave him hes not worth a dime. I would agree that he is looking down on your career path. I think it's important that you clearly communicate your professional ambitions to him, and hopefully try to get him to understand where you're going with your career.

The restaurant and hospitality industry can be tough in terms of financial stability, but there are a range of opportunities for advancement as I'm sure you know. Hell, if you get into corporate restaurant management e. If you've already had these types of conversations with him and he still persists in his view, I don't think there is much else you could say or do at this point to change his mind.

It seems like a fundamental disagreement in your relationship, and down the road it'll only be like a bubble ready to burst. Better to address it now and evaluate the status and future of your relationship as such.

Remind him that it is YOUR career and not his. He is clearly looking down on your job. Whatever the case is, as long as you are happy with your job, that is what is important. How much you earn a year is not a lot, but if you know how to manage money and are not the type who likes to splurge, you will be fine with what you earn. Do not forget that you just graduated and started working, so the pay is lower.

With more experience, you will be able to promote yourself, or even turn to another position that is of higher pay, but you will still be working in the same field. I would sit him down for a good chat. Tell him to hear you out first. If he still insists that you should find another career, then it is up to you as to whether you want to be with someone who keeps on looking down on your career.

I know it sounds drastic to break up over a career, but if the arguments will keep on continuing, the relationship will not last.

How much you earn in a year is not a lot, but it is a start, and hey! There are a lot of people who earn less or around the same as you. With your salary, you cannot spend your money freely, but if you know how to manage your money, you will be able to live comfortably. It's your career, not his. Do whatever makes you happy. If he doesn't like it, then find a better bf.

What is his job and degree in? If he doesn't have one, then he has no right to look down on what you're doing or what degree you have. It's your life and you can do whatever you want with it.

He should be understanding and not pressing you to get a different degree or job. Restaurant management sounds cool - you don't see that every day. Good job in landing a position in the field you're interested in! How long have you been dating this guy? I mean, you already got your degree - there's no turning back. I mean, you could try for a second bachelor's or graduate school, but if you're perfectly fine where you are now, Follow your instincts.

You should spend more time communicating with him on what your career goals are. If he's being stubborn, then it just goes to show that he's not worth your time. Assuming that he is also earning 30k, I don't think you guys are capable of having a "comfortable life".

Unless you already own a house passed down by generations before. There is a big difference if you are just putting up with what you having and always striving for more. If you don't seek its not just going to fly right at you. TheJVS said: Assuming that he is also earning 30k, I don't think you guys are capable of having a "comfortable life".

If you live modestly and you are pretty content with your job, then you should just stick to it. Unfortunately there is no cure for superficiality. On the bright side, the food industry is recession-proof for the most part so you should always find a job.

Besides, having a high salary is not the only way to get rich. Think about that for a second.. You also mentioned that you graduated recently, right? In fact, a "better job" is a really subjective term.

Food and beverage can be a great career and CAN most definitely bring you a financially stable future. You need to tell him that. Does he expect you to be a doctor or something?

I'm not going to jump the gun and say that your boyfriend isn't trying to look out for you, but his pressuring does seem unreasonable so try getting him to see that as much as possible. For example, mention what would happen if you took his advice and went for another degree. That would probably result in debt if you don't have any already , loss of possible experience, and the possibility of being jobless in this economy.

That being said, remind him that you are highly fortunate to even have a job that is relevant to your career so soon after graduation! Sounds like he needs to be knocked down from his high horse and taught a bit of humility from a realistic perspective. Hope he gets off your back soon. By kimlees Started April 22, By RayAmbler7 Started September 18, By meechuttso Started July 22, By syntyche Started May 7, By cybertron Started July 25, All Activity Home soompi community soompi hangout Boyfriend keeps on pushing me to get a "better" job.

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Husband wants me to earn more money.....

Money is a hot-button issue in most marriages, but the it tends to really hit a nerve where individual income is concerned. If your spouse wants you to earn a better salary, there are probably multiple reasons for this—and you might need to dig deep to pinpoint some of them. A great place to start exploring your differing viewpoints is to try to understand where your spouse is coming from. Did your spouse come from a family of origin that placed a high value on material possessions, job security, or a certain income level? Does he or she want a higher level of income for more freedom, more opportunities, or the chance to travel and have experiences that require extra money?

In reality, about a third do, down from the divorce surge of the s and s, though second and third marriages are much more vulnerable. Recent marriages are doing particularly well thus far: Just 15 percent of the Americans who tied the knot since have decided to get it undone within the first eight years of marriage.

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Husband Wants a Better Job But Does Nothing About It

Here are some steps to consider taking whether you're searching for a job, need gig work quickly or have been asked to work from home. Many employers are hiring now to fill urgent talent needs. Here's our list of companies hiring now. As our daily lives shift with the spread of COVID, you may require the support of unemployment benefits. Here are several steps you can take to find the help you need when leaving a job. Indeed Community. Lost my job a few months back. My husband makes a decent living, so I am trying to not just take any old job and look for something that is really befitting my skills and works out for our family. My husband has encouraged this.

(Closed) Hubby insists I work : /

A great lifestyle would be to work on a blog, write, have little creative projects, cook great meals, travel, have a beautiful veggie garden, spend time with family, friends and my husband. The problem? My husband is one of those men who insists that his wife work. We do live in a very expensive part of the country, so hubby feels that we still need to save and save for retirement.

By Guest -yoo-, April 16, in soompi hangout.

How do I get my husband to stop telling me that I make too little money? I am a full-time copy editor at a magazine, making what copy editors make when they first start out in their careers. I love my job and feel that I am well suited for it; unfortunately, the pay is crap you're well aware of this, I believe.

VENT & ADVICE: My husband wants me to change jobs

My husband is a wonderful man in so many areas and we have a generally happy and loving relationship. He told me a year and a half ago that he wants to get a new job. He continually talks about how he wants to leave and get a better job, but does nothing about it!

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Help! My Spouse Wants Me to Make More Money

Account Options Login. Koleksiku Bantuan Penelusuran Buku Lanjutan. Oxford University Press Amazon. For the Family? Sarah Damaske. Oxford University Press , 3 Okt - halaman. In the contentious debate about women and work, conventional wisdom holds that middle-class women can decide if they work, while working-class women need to work.

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My Husband Does Not Make Enough Money

TIA thanks in advance for reading! My backstory: I work for a non-profit in a med-high level position. I make more than DH dear husband and although we can survive on my salary we cannot on his. He is on his way to more training and eventually a big salary that we can live on with our three boys.

My husband thinks I should make more money

Skip to content. My value system and that of my husband's seem to be opposed. I believe that there is nothing more important than staying at home with our children.



Turns Out That the Husband’s Job Is Probably the Best Predictor of Divorce



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