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If the girl you like already has a boyfriend, pursuing a relationship with her can get complicated. If you really care for her and want to give it a shot anyway, first consider the risks and benefits. If it does work out, be prepared to put in some hard work to build a strong relationship! It can be very difficult to leave an unhealthy relationship. John Keegan.

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Learning to control cravings is something that everyone finds challenging, especially if you're on a diet. While it's okay to eat while you're hungry, you may find yourself craving your favorite high fat, high sugar foods too often. If you feel like you're indulging too often, there are some great strategies to help you control your cravings. To control cravings, start by identifying any specific triggers that might be causing them, like feeling hungry, tired, lonely, or stressed.

That way, you can take measures to avoid those triggers whenever possible. Then, when you feel a craving coming on, do something stimulating and enjoyable to take your mind off of it.

For example, plan to walk your dog or visit a friend in the evenings after dinner to avoid thinking about dessert. Keeping your hands busy with a hobby, like crocheting or writing, can also help distract your brain when cravings kick in! For tips on logging your cravings to understand them better, read on!

Did this summary help you? Yes No. Random Article. Home Random Terms of Use. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Claudia Carberry is a Registered Dietitian specializing in kidney transplants and counseling patients for weight loss at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. She is a member of the Arkansas Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. There are 11 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.

Committing to Change. Understanding Your Cravings. Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Article Summary. Method 1 of Distract yourself from your craving. Help to take your mind off of your craving by putting your attention into something else you enjoy. Your brain will be satisfied that you are doing something stimulating, and focus less on the need to fulfill your craving.

How you distract yourself will vary from person to person, so choose something you enjoy. If you have a dog, it's a great time to take it for it's evening walk. You can even make a date with your friend or significant other to go for a walk together. Keeping your hands busy can distract you from your cravings, so try an activity like typing, painting, or crocheting. Any activity that keeps you active can be a great distraction. Identify your triggers. A trigger is anything that reminds you of your craving.

Keep in mind that positive emotions can also be triggers. If you know your triggers, you can avoid them, thus reducing your cravings. There are many types of triggers ranging from emotions or memories to items or events. Take measures to avoid your triggers. Make a plan for how you will avoid the common things that trigger your cravings. Plan ahead every day and stick to your plan. This will create a good habit of actively controlling your cravings before they are a problem.

This will help to prevent you from stopping at a convenience store to buy something that you are craving, such as a candy bar. If you are tempted by fast food, plan to drive a different route to avoid being triggered by your favorite restaurants. Create a grocery list. Making a grocery list before going to the grocery store will help minimize the amount of junk that you impulsively buy. When you are buying from a list, it is easier to stay focused on the healthy foods that you came for.

Keep your goals in mind when making your list and leave your cravings off of the list. Cheat your cravings. Try to combine some of your cravings with a healthy alternative to create a new treat.

By allowing yourself a treat, you may be less likely to give into your original, less healthy cravings. Be creative with combinations of healthy habits that minimize help you reduce your cravings for unhealthy things. Likewise, if you crave a soda, try replacing it with carbonated water. If you crave sweets, you could dip fresh fruit into melted dark chocolate instead of having a candy bar.

Some people prefer a crunchier, saltier snack. In this case replace chips and dip with pretzels and hummus. Method 2 of Recognize the problem. You cannot gain control over something that you do not truly believe exists. Whether you have a small problem controlling minor cravings or have a large scale addiction, recognizing the problem is the first step to gain control. Some signs that your cravings may actually be a problem are: You feel guilty after indulging your craving.

Your mood and self esteem are affected by your cravings. Attempting to stop what you are craving causes anxiety, irritability, or physical withdrawal. If your cravings interfere with work or family life you may be dealing with an addiction. Commit to a new way of life. Before creating a concrete plan to control your cravings you must commit to changing your lifestyle. If you are not committed, you will not follow through with your plan. You may have to make some serious changes in your life, such as dealing with stress in a different way or re-evaluating your social situations.

For example, if you crave donuts, plan how you will handle days when someone brings donuts for everyone. If you and your friends normally meet at the ice cream shop, suggest meeting them at a fitness class instead. Follow through with your plan. Once you have developed a plan to conquer your cravings, stick to it. If you find yourself slipping, remind yourself of your goals. You can still enjoy your favorite foods in moderation. For example, you may want to avoid eating ice cream every night, but you can still enjoy a scoop with your friends on the weekend.

If you indulge more than you'd planned, know that it's normal to over do it sometimes. Instead of beating yourself up about it, return to your plan and remind yourself of times you've been successful.

Method 3 of Log your cravings. Before you can control your cravings you must first understand what cravings you are having and when those cravings occur. When you track your cravings, you will be able to identify exactly when, where, and how you should try to combat them. You should note several things in your craving log. What did you do to fulfill your craving?

For example, did you eat a particular food? How much did you consume? Was it as much as you usually eat? If you resisted your craving, what helped you be successful? For example, did you distract yourself or use a replacement? How did you feel afterwards?

Learn the science behind cravings. A craving occurs when your brain chemicals are imbalanced. Your brain receives this positive feeling and associates it with your craving. Start reading reputable books or articles about the neurochemistry of cravings and addiction to gain deeper insight into why your desires are so strong.

Be aware of risk factors for cravings. Some of these risk factors include being hungry, tired, lonely, or angry. These risks cannot be prevented in all situations but should be avoided as often as possible. Taking care of yourself physically and emotionally will help you have the willpower to resist your cravings. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

Eat when you're hungry. Starving yourself is not the solution to controlling your cravings.

Learning to control cravings is something that everyone finds challenging, especially if you're on a diet. While it's okay to eat while you're hungry, you may find yourself craving your favorite high fat, high sugar foods too often. If you feel like you're indulging too often, there are some great strategies to help you control your cravings.

More than one third of American adults are overweight or obese. If your significant other is overweight, it can be a stress on your relationship.

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Updated: May 4, References. This article covers in detail how to get girls if you consider yourself big. Anyone can get a girl , the key is to play to your strengths and meet lots of girls until you find one that likes you as much as you like her. Get started at step number one below. Log in Facebook. No account yet? Create an account. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Article Edit.

Primary school is an age that most assume is too young to date. If you like someone, however, and you're willing to put in a little work, you can get a boyfriend at this stage. This article explains how. Log in Facebook. No account yet?

Make eye contact. Just make sure she's comfortable with your new moves.

Updated: September 2, References. Most things that your boyfriend finds annoying will be specific to him and your individual relationship. The basics of playing games, too much texting, and being indecisive are very common, but everyone has individual preferences.

Do you feel uncomfortable about asking girls out because you are overweight? You are missing out on having fun and meeting new friends by hanging back this way. Instead, here are some ways to help you overcome these feelings and stop worrying about your weight and start thinking about enjoying your life.

Updated: September 17, References. Sometimes it can feel like you'll never meet a great guy. Don't worry--you're not alone! This is something that almost everyone goes through at least once in their life. If you don't feel confident about your body, finding a great date might feel even more frustrating. The most important thing to do is to find ways to become more confident.

Getting a boyfriend while you are depressed may help to cope with some of the loneliness you are experiencing, but be cautious. A boyfriend should not be used as a temporary solution to a deeper problem; nor should one expect a boyfriend to solve our emotional problems. It may be a better course of action to avoid a romantic relationship until you have worked through your depression so that you can share happy moments with your significant other rather than puzzling him with your sad disposition. If you decide to go for it anyway, keep reading! Log in Facebook. No account yet?

Mar 21, - Be realistic (e.g. if you are pounds overweight and think hiking is a Kool-Aid flavor, you probably are not going to snag a bodybuilder). Think  Rating: 18% - ‎11 votes.

Updated: December 8, References. Entering the dating scene can be difficult, but it can be even more intimidating if you are overweight. Tip: Take a shower, brush your teeth, and put on deodorant before your date to make sure you smell good, too! Tip: Having good photos is what will attract people to your profile.

Updated: March 29, References. Instead of making him feel ashamed of his fuller figure, try being silently supportive. By bringing healthier foods into the house, asking him to join you in exercising and leading by example, you can help your husband to look and feel better. Random Article.

Updated: March 29, References. Whether you're taking your first stab at getting skinnier or you've tried a hundred diets before, you're going to want to be sure that you're losing weight in a healthy way. Done correctly, you can get results that stick. To kickstart healthy weight loss, begin to incorporate more activity in your daily life, such as carrying heavy items, walking more, or taking the stairs.

Updated: July 27, References.




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