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How look like a korean girl

The Hallyu Wave is not budging, and we're not complaining. Most want to achieve their beauty, fashion, and body, but of course, what's most lusted after is their looks. Here are 6 beauty secrets Korean celebrities use to look glamorous, without having to undergo the knife Eyebrows may not be the sexiest part of your face but it's often at the centre of a beauty conversation. After hair, eyebrows make a huge first impression.

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I Went to Seoul and Learned 8 Makeup Secrets Korean Women Use to Look Younger

South Korea is a very interesting country to visit. Indeed, the culture and the traditions are very different from our Western standards, and you leave the country enriched from your visit.

What may seem obvious for us might not be that evident for them, and what may seem impolite for us might be completely normal for Koreans. The things to know before you go to South Korea?

A lot of things related to the respect of the elederly, the table etiquette at the restaurant, the omnipresence of plastic surgery… Follow the guide! I already talked about it in my article about my visit to Seoul. That means almost all of them! You need to find the girls who are naturally beautiful.

Several times, I saw girls with dressings on their faces : quite evidently, the surgery had been recent. What do they have? The most popular surgery is the westernization of their eyes. After that, they get a nose job, it has to do a nice curve.

That means sometimes, the surgeons have to remove a few bones in their jaws. There are also some kind of rings under their eyes, yeah like shadows under their eyes. For us, having shadows under our eyes means being tired and not looking good.

Other popular surgeries include skin whitening, the lips, etc… In Europe, women do tanning sessions. In Korea, they want to get the fairest complexion possible! Go to Sinsa in Seoul to see all the billboards promoting plastic surgery. What about Korean guys? After the whole metoo movement began to spread on social media, another movement was born in South Korea, called escape the corset. This movement denounces this constant pressure on Korean women, who have to match unrealistic beauty standards.

This movement is slowly on the rise in the country. Gentlemen, you wanna settle down with a Korean girl? The first time I went to a Korean restaurant, I was immediately surprised. They have some kind of stools, and you have to put your jacket in thte stool : to avoid your jacket to smell like grease when you leave. After ordering and getting your food, you want to call the waiter again? Push the button and in less than 10 seconds I tried several times!

When you finish eating put the chopsticks back to their original place on the table. Always let the oldest person at the table eat first. Once the meal is over, Koreans sometimes have a plum juice, an after-dinner liqueur.

Otherwise they often have soups, or the famous bibimbap. Some elderly people eat dog. It dates back to the World War II era, when there was nothing to eat. From what they say, eating dog gives stamina…. Every single person drinks soju, and they sell soju everywhere! You can enjoy it neat, in a cocktail, mixed with juice, with yogurt or with beer. In the convenient stores, soju is as cheap as a bottle of water!!! After a long day of work, Koreans meet up at the bar and invite their new coworkers, the foreigners… You definitely have to go if they invite you.

Since the Koreans are naturally reserved, they make you drink because they want to see your real personality, they want you to talk, to know how you think…. You can find soju everywhere : at the convenient store, at the bar, at the restaurant enjoying a barbecue… Once again, do not refuse a drink from an elderly person.

Refusing would be seen as disrespecting the person and refusing their friendship. Hangover the day after for sure, I tried out! They love to drink so much that it created jobs.

There are drivers getting paid to take your car and bring you back home driving your car! Cause Koreans drink a lot. But motorbikes are allowed in the city! The Koreans all use a car then! When you travel, you start to realize the unconscious reflexes you have back home. In Korea, but also in Japan, a lot of bars, restaurants and other stores are high up. That means for instance on the 3rd, the 5th or the 8th floor. Does it look good? Not too expensive?

You have to make a choice and go up to see. At first, friends were giving me the address of a bar or a restaurant, and when I was getting there, there was nothing. Confucianism rules the world… oops I meant it rules South Korea, and the social interactions there!

Basically, the organization of the society is rather vertical : the woman has to listen to the order of her husband, the young people have to respect and obey the elder without asking any questions, you have to respect your parents and ancestors, etc… A years-old philosophy.

Speaking about age, the Koreans have two ages. The Western age like us! The Korean alphabet is hangul! Watching it, it looks really complex! I know the Chinese alphabet is very hard to learn, and we often tend to think the same regarding the Korean alphabet. But apparently no.

Once you know which sign corresponds to which sound, it gets simple. And hangul is easy to learn. Once you know how to read it, you can recognize dishes names at the restaurant and signs with district names in the street. Admittedly the Korean alphabet is easy to read, and not too hard to write. You can easily read a sentence, not knowing what it means! I already said it, South Korea is the Mecca of new technologies.

On average, the Koreans change their smartphones every six months!!! This is insane! Surprising when you know LG is a Korean brand… Otherwise they have their own very popular apps in the country. For instance, they mostly communicate with their friends via Kakaotalk and not Whatsapp.

To get a vehicle for hire, they use Kakaotaxi and not Uber. They use Naver to do their research on the internet not Google. Back and shoulders are always covered. However, they have absolutely no problem wearing mini skirts, high heels, etc… Anyway, ladies, if you go there, cover the top, show off your legs if you want to, not the other way around! Americans were there not that long ago and you can feel it.

Baseball is by far the most popular sport in South Korea. Some old superstitions are still present in South Korea. Some Koreans never whistle at night because it attracts evil spirits. On a side note, the Chinese smartphone brand One Plus released their One Plus 3, and then directly their One Plus 5 for that same reason.

Since the Koreans often live with parents until marriage, and given that confucianism is king here you respect your parents no matter what , a lot of Koreans meet up outside for almost all their interactions. Wanna play Monopoly or any board game with a friend? Wanna play online? There are PC bangs rooms to play. Wanna play video games?

Go karaoke? Watch a DVD? There are places with rooms provided just for that! Not that long ago from to , tens of thousands of Korean guys were forced to fight for the Imperal Japanese Army, and tens of thousands of Korean women were sexual slaves of Japanese men. Some elderly people were there during that era, however those who hate Japan are mostly from the younger generation.

I was lucky enough to broach the subject openly with a few Korean guys. I had no problems there as a black person. Most importantly, I was with a friend of mine who lives there. Yeah they wanted to get pictures with me, yeah sometimes people were staring at me, but nothing more. Some restaurants, bars or clubs for instance, are forbidden for all foreigners. If you wanna know more about being black in South Korea, you can watch the video below.

I think you have a lot of information regarding Korean culture and traditions now. You can go there and have a great stay now!

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Kang's story offers observations on the adventure of the immigrant experience along with doses of social commentary. The young protagonist, Chungpa Han, expatriates from Japanese-occupied Korea to make a life in the United States during the s. Consulter l'avis complet.

I'm going to pull a Kanye and say yo, Korean skincare , I'm really happy for you, but Korean makeup is one of the most innovative categories of all time. For one, the textures are unbelievable: The highlighters are buttery-smooth and melt into your face like second skin, the lip tints give the Popsicle-stained look without feeling dry, and the cushions, oh yes, the cushions. You might recognize a cushion compact for foundation considering even drugstore brands now carry them, but in Korea, they have cushion everything —cushion brow pomades, cushion blushes, cushion eye shadows, cushion highlighters… The list goes on.

Everyone has an ideal person that they want to be like, and standards of beauty they'd like to live up to. With the rising popularity of Korean music and TV, it's no surprise that many girls find themselves liking the Korean makeup style or K-Pop trends. This article goes over makeup, skincare, and hair styling. Please be aware, though, that it is considered inappropriate to attempt to look like a certain race or nationality that you are not, and that this article simply attempts to teach you techniques that are worn by Korean girls--it's not helping you look more Korean. To do Korean "K-Pop" style makeup, start by applying lotion and a primer, which will moisturize your skin and reduce the appearance of pores.

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Put your best face forward with these beauty and fashion tips to look ulzzang in ! Korean beauty trends have been gaining popularity in recent years, not only in its country of origin South Korea but also in other nations including the Philippines. Filipinos are known to be versatile, creative, and we are very open when it comes to new things that we think will have a positive effect on us. Well, we have been colonized multiple times in the past, which made us culturally-diverse and open for new ideas from other countries to add to our own. One of those trends from Korea that caught our attention is the ulzzang makeup and fashion. What is ulzzang, by the way? For the benefit of those who aren't really familiar with this new trend, we're doing a short recap. Ulzzang, which literally means "best face" in Korean, refers to the makeup and fashion trend where ladies, as well as men, look their best in pictures through the use of makeup, distinct hairstyles, accessories such as contact lenses, photo editors like Photoshop, and using the right filters that will enhance their beauty.

The Ultimate Guide to Look Ulzzang - Makeup and Fashion 2019

How to be Beautiful Like a Korean Girl. Be honest, everyone has already felt the need to have a flat belly or a perfect nose. This country really exists and is called South-Korea. We you and me spend a lot of time to look at Korean movie stars, wishing that one day we could be beautiful like them.

South Korea is a very interesting country to visit. Indeed, the culture and the traditions are very different from our Western standards, and you leave the country enriched from your visit.

Ever thought about wearing jogging pants on a day out with friends? What about wearing sneakers instead of heels on a date? Or trying on an all-pink outfit?

How to look like a Korean Girl | Zanne Xanne’s Tips

What do I need to know prior to dating all of them? Korean females like funds. However Korean females possibly like loan much more than many females in various other countries. She was simply attempting to become respectful, and also she in fact anticipated you to pay.

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Last Updated on May 5, Need some tips for dating a Korean girl? Maybe you have already set your sights on a lovely Korean lady. While every girl is different, in general many Korean girls have similar expectations when dating and will utilize similar dating rituals and techniques. Some of these arise from Korean culture and others from more recent pop culture and trends.

6 Fantastic Tips for Dating a Korean Girl

You can also take note on the Japanese eye brow. Korean one slight thicker than Japanese. Thank you. You might be interested in Korean and Japanese style i think :. I've an idea now for our school's cosplay event I am a Indian Could u tell me how can I make my looks like Korean without makeup Could u plzz create a blog for this me n my friends r going to act as Korean girls,sing and dance to SNSD We are 9 of them and my role is taeyeon was r ready with our acting , singing and dancing but only our makeup is not ready This is our great opportunity bcuz we are going to Seoul,south korea and perform in SMcoex artium so we are trainees of SM but its our special audition aka performance stage only Korean people who are coming there on that day and even some SM idols are coming plzz could u help us bcuz our performance is somewhere in this December It will be very helpful sweetie If u are an Korean u can watch us on that day in SMcoex artium I will confirm the date and tell u but the tickets are not free it seems but I think it won't cost much If any other Koreans here plzz cum to our show it is indeed very helpful to us Thank you And plzz help me with the looks dude. Hi my dear.

Namaste Again I am back with another makeup video but its little bit different cause I am doing Korean makeup Jun 1, - Uploaded by mamTa Gurung.


12 Items You Should Add In Your Closet To Get That Korean Fashion Look







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