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Health professionals are urgently needed for shifts at the Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch call centres. Also needed: experienced clinicians who are willing to take a supervisory clinical floor walker role. Training will be provided before the first shift and experienced clinical staff will be available to provide clarification and ongoing support. Travel and accommodation expenses will be reimbursed.

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Lower Hutt Lead Maternity Carers and Midwives

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Hutt Valley women due to give birth over the summer are struggling to find a midwife and an increasing number are being referred to Hutt hospital. A pregnant woman and her midwife Photo: RF. First-time mother Kristi, due to give birth on 7 January, said she spent three weeks calling all 42 midwives on the Hutt Maternity list, only to be told no one was available. So severe it led me to vomit despite being on the strongest anti-nausea available.

Scary stuff when miscarriage is very real," Kristi said. I'm in pain. I don't know what's normal or not I was near tears at one point just because it felt kind of hopeless, I had this image of not being able to find a midwife at all and that was kind of scary," she said. Mrs Merichen-Steel and Kristi were both referred to Hutt Valley hospital and have been allocated a community midwife, who - depending on rostering - may or may not be there for the birth.

A Hutt Valley midwife, who asked not to be named, said both her colleagues had decided to reduce their workload over the summer. Hutt Valley District Health Board chief executive Dale Oliff said the shortage would be particularly challenging this year. If this is the case, we would expect around 45 women to be affected," Mr Oliff said. College of Midwives deputy chief executive Alison Eddy said the shortage around Christmas time was not new, but had got worse in recent years due to pay issues.

She said it was a nation-wide issue, and while the numbers were difficult to quantify a "significant" number of women would be affected. Midwives were added to the Immigration's immediate skills shortage list in February, in an attempt to address the issue.

Ministry data showed that 25 visa applications, where the persons occupation was stated as midwife, have been approved since July last year. Podcast MP3 Oggcast Vorbis. From Checkpoint , pm on 18 June Emma Hatton , Journalist emma. Show status: Off air. Get the RNZ app for easy access to all your favourite programmes.

Holiday season midwife shortage worsens

Kate Sheppard Midwifery has been widely regarded as the premium birthing provider on the North Shore for the last 15 years. Our team of friendly, experienced midwives will ensure you have a healthy, safe and informed pregnancy. We are fully committed to your right to choose how your pregnancy and birth should progress. We offer two different care options, designed to fit in with your views and the way you live.

If there are no LMC midwives available, please contact your local hospital to find out what services they can offer you. When are you due?

Our series of courses are designed to meet the needs of first time parents who want to be informed about the normal birth process and how they can best support the birth of their baby, establish successful breastfeeding and be prepared to become new parents. Resource from the New Zealand College of Midwives to find a midwife near you. We offer a wide selection of pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding education courses. Our story began in with a local midwife and an educator who were aware of the need for top quality, accessible and friendly childbirth classes in the Hutt Valley and Wellington regions.

Lead Maternity Carers in the Hutt Valley

Ideally, see them before you are 10 weeks pregnant so you can arrange the tests you will need during your pregnancy. Every woman in pregnancy should have an LMC, who will monitor your wellbeing and how your baby is doing. See the links above. This may be a midwife or obstetrician. The DHB fluctuates between 35 and 45 LMC midwives; currently there are 36 community-based case-loading midwives with primary access agreements providing lead maternity care. They care for women and their families from the beginning of pregnancy up to six weeks after the birth. This is a free service paid for by the Ministry of Health if you are eligible.

List of midwife LMCs in Wellington, Porirua and Kapiti

What is Obstetrics? Obstetrics is the area of medicine concerned with the treatment of women during pregnancy antenatal , labour and delivery, and the time after childbirth postnatal. Once pregnancy has been confirmed, regular antenatal checks should be performed by a midwife, GP or obstetrician a doctor who is specialised in obstetrics. In the first 28 weeks, these checks will be done every month but will increase as the pregnancy progresses.

Hutt Valley women due to give birth over the summer are struggling to find a midwife and an increasing number are being referred to Hutt hospital. A pregnant woman and her midwife Photo: RF.

This drop-in clinic is subject to change due to t Updates will be posted on the Hutt Maternity Facebook if anything changes. Women can get their flu vaccination at any stage in their pregnancy and whooping cough vaccination from weeks. All visitors to Hutt Hospital will be screened prior to entry and must observe hand hygiene, social distancing and follow the guidance of staff at all times.

Kia Ora – Welcome

When contacting midwives notify them if you or a household member returned from overseas in the last 14 days or had contact with anyone confirmed or highly suspected of having COVID Also notify them if you have a cough, fever or sore throat. View a downloadable list of midwives in Wellington, Porirua or Kapiti. If you are unable to find an LMC midwife after contacting midwives yourself from the list, and need a referral to the Community Midwifery Team CMT at Wellington Hospital preferably contact us via our online form or if needed phone us on Find MW

If you are searching for a midwife by name please begin by entering as much of the surname as you know to be correct. Do not include a first name unless necessary and please do not include a location. Alternatively if you are searching by location, please do not include any information in the name fields. Skip to main content. How to find a midwife What to expect from your midwife in New Zealand What if you are not happy with your midwife? Useful Websites.

Wellington Area - Find Your Midwife

Want to ensure you choose the right person to deliver your baby? Asking a midwife about these key issues will ensure you find a good fit. By Daniela Payne February 15, But, keep in mind, midwife shortages in some areas of Canada could make for limited options. How does your practice work? Find out what your care would look like with a particular practice: Would you see just one midwife throughout your pregnancy?

If you are unable to find an LMC midwife after contacting midwives yourself from If you are a midwife offering LMC care in Wellington, Porirua or Kapiti and would for the past four and a half years, working in Hutt and Wellington daotaocanbo.comg: lower ‎| Must include: lower.

I believe that pregnancy and birth are normal life events for most women, and work to empower women to fulfil their individual pregnancy and birthing aspirations in the birth environment of their choice, whether this is home, primary birthing unit, or hospital. As a mother of two children I understand the significance of the relationship that you have with your midwife, and the impact that this can have on your childbirth experience. It is important to me th

Your lead maternity carer is a midwife or specialist doctor who provides maternity care for you. You choose who provides your maternity care. Your lead maternity carer will care for you while you are pregnant, during labour and birth and for 4—6 weeks after your baby is born. All maternity care is free unless you choose a specialist doctor.

The joy of finding out you're pregnant is quickly being replaced with panic planning as expectant mums scramble to secure a midwife amid a national shortage. While shortages have been projected in several parts of the country, issues in the Hutt Valley have been in the spotlight recently, following the release of a wide-ranging external review into Hutt Valley DHB's women's health services which outlined "a chronic workforce deficiency". New mum Meg Waghorn, who gave birth to her second child eight weeks ago, was one of the lucky ones able to secure a lead maternity carer LMC — but only due to quick thinking. I asked 'should I wait a week or so?

What is Obstetrics? Obstetrics is the area of medicine concerned with the treatment of women during pregnancy antenatal , labour and delivery, and the time after childbirth postnatal.




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