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Do you need a passport to fly to isle of man with flybe

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We are able to offer flights from up to 30 regional airports so wherever you live, a direct flight to any of the islands is not far away. We can book your low cost airline for you which means you can take advantage of the best rates available at the time of booking. If you book your flight direct with a low cost airline you have no financial guarantees in the event of the airline going out of business. Regional departures vary and schedules change throughout the year. Please refer to the grids below for the latest flight schedules. It is your responsibility to ensure that you carry the required documentation for your travel arrangements.

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Flybe - Air Travel Forum

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Can my pet fly with me in the cabin? No Can my pet fly with me as checked baggage? No Can my pet fly with me as air cargo? Flybe Airlines is no longer operating. To the best of our ability, we ensure that recommendations given on PetTravel.

We cannot predict how a given airline may enforce these regulations. Noncompliance may result in the need to deny your pet boarding privileges. We suggest that you minimize the disruptions that may occur by following the rules of the airline your pet is flying.

Further detail on import permits, costs, tests and procedures are available at minimal cost at PetTravelStore. We also stock all the equipment and accessories you will need for traveling with your pet. You can post them directly to our Facebook page , blog , forum or just enter them below.

We will respond as soon as we can. Please note that the accuracy of comments made from Facebook users other than Pet Travel have not been verified.

Flybe Airlines Pet Policy Can my pet fly with me in the cabin? Need an Agent to Transport Your Pet? Need an IATA compliant pet crate?

Preparing Your Pet's Crate for Travel. Need more information?

Do you need a passport for Jersey?

So I flew out of belfast city airport recently with my partner to Manchester for his birthday. He raised his voice and said the 2nd passenger needs to be here right now. I pointed and stated he was coming and again quite ignorantly and said they need to be here at the desk. So way to go Flybe for making the start of our holiday such a lovey experience!

Can my pet fly with me in the cabin? No Can my pet fly with me as checked baggage?

So, what are the rules when it comes to flying with pets in the cabin and as cargo for each of the UK airlines? Looking for alternatives to travelling in and out of the UK with a dog? Click here for the full list of options. Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive commission if you make a purchase using the links. Unfortunately, no UK airline allows pets to fly in the cabin at least any airline that flies in and out of commercial airports.

Airlines Serving the Isle of Man

Guide for Brits who have booked domestic flights in the UK including whether you need a passport. When a long train journey doesn't appeal or driving isn't an option, flying within the UK can be a solution for travellers. But while you wouldn't necessarily need your passport to travel by train or car, when it comes to travelling by air you'll want to ensure you have the right documents with you, or you could risk being turned away at boarding. While there are plenty of airlines such as easyJet, Ryanair and Flybe offering domestic flights, the rules can vary for each airline as to which documents they will accept to allow you on board. Technically you could travel within the UK with photographic ID such as a valid driver's licence, but that isn't always accepted by some airlines, with differing guidelines on offer for passengers - so if you can, take your passport with you. We take a look at what you need to know if you're travelling on domestic flights in the UK. We've also included the FCO advice for flights to Ireland as the rules are still a little different. Although in theory photographic ID such a valid driver's licence should be enough, in most cases airlines will still require you to have a passport. Each airline has its own policy on what ID they accept for domestic flights - your best bet is to check with your airline before you plan to travel. If you turn up with the wrong type of ID you will not be able to fly and you are unlikely to get your money back.

Do you need a passport for domestic flights? Advice for Brits flying in the UK

Is it still valid? Can I get it renewed in time before I go away? But you will be required to carry a identify card for immigration purposes and airline check in requirements — which means that most people end up taking their passport anyway! All of these areas have no immigration controls which means you can travel without a passport.

The Isle of Man has good air links.

Operating more than routes to fifteen nations, Flybe is Europe's largest independent airline. Established in , it's a low-cost airline which operates both domestic and short-haul international flights. Flybe has more than 75 planes, most of which are Bombardier Dash 8 Qs, and it carries 8 million passengers each year.

Acceptable photographic ID for UK domestic flights - United Kingdom Forum

We are planning a trip to the U. I have read some alarming stories of people's experiences with Flybe and would like to hear if any TripAdvisor contributors have traveled with them recently and what their experience was. In other words would they recommend Flybe?

Does anyone know if you need your passport on Flybe flight from Birmingham to Inverness please. I tend not to use a passport on domestic flights. This seems to cause costernation to some security people at airports. Even though its not essential, you may want to take your passport, unless you enjoy long "chats" with men in grey suits. Loads of people don't use passports on domestic flights and I've never seen them have issues - in fact, the security people only look at your boarding pass, it's check in and boarding that check ID

Passport and ID

For our gardening club's annual outing we are considering a trip to Edinburgh. It is looking like the most convenient and cost effective method of getting from South East England to Edinburgh is to fly with one of the budget airlines. But we have a potential problem. Several of the members do not have a current passport or driving licence. I have checked the websites of Easyjet and Ryanair and they don't specify exactly what is acceptable as proof of identity, just generally say photographic ID. Has anyone any suggestions? No use in standing at the airport saying, "but I was told on the telephone that this would be ok".

Nov 6, - British and Irish travellers do not need passports for either domestic flights and says you do not need any ID to fly within the UK at all if you don't check FlyBe accepts a wide range of documents for UK and Irish travel by locals, All four airlines let children under 16 travel ID-free within the British Isles if.

There are a number of travel restrictions in place. If you're looking to make a smooth start to your journey, you need to make sure you have the right documents, such as a valid passport and the relevant visas. To help, we've summarised some of the key considerations and requirements here - but it's not a full list of all possible requirements around the world. It's your responsibility to ensure you have the right documents to be allowed to travel.

Flybe could better - Flybe [no longer operating]

Any person arriving on the Isle of Man without a Letter of Exemption, will be refused entry and will be required to return to their point of origin at their own expense. We currently have a limited schedule of services, which is in place to support patient and key worker transfers. Letters are issued via official channels, and if you are eligible, this will be processed on your behalf by the appropriate sponsor. There is nothing for the crews to do other than contact ATC as they would normally.

Passports, visas and API

We have booked flights on the new Isle of Man to Liverpool service. Easyjet have asked for API. Having flown with Easyjet in the past to Europe we know what API is and had to fill in the details but as this is a domestic flight do we have to add this imformation to our booking? Non of the other airlines that fly into or out of the Isle of Man ask for this imformation when booking flights.

Do Britons need a passport to travel by plane to Northern Ireland? There are many direct flight routes between England and Northern Ireland, particularly to the capital, Belfast.


Easyjet API - Liverpool Forum


Flights to Jersey


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