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All little children love surprises, and a way to continue a birthday full of them is to bring an element of surprise to your cake. Find instructions here. We believe your little ones deserve the very best care. Whether specifically for a summer birthday, or just to brighten up a day, a melting ice cream cake will delight any little girl or boy. Go crazy with the sprinkles! Find the instruction video here.


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15 Creative Birthday Cake Ideas for Girls and Boys

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Okay, if you stumbled upon on this article I am sure you need a baby shower idea, so start looking at these wonderful baby shower cake designs!

So to satisfy her we deliver the coolest baby shower cake pictures that will inspire you. Cakes are the centerpiece at parties for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, or weddings.

The cake should be the right size for the number of guests. A message can also be written on the cake. Popular trends are elephants, woodland scenes, hot air balloons, monkeys and realistic detail are seen in cakes seen on the internet and in bakery advertising.

Toys, storks and teddy bears are still pretty common too. Many of the cake ideas are tall with multiple tiers which makes a visual statement. Cake design is an art that has gotten more impressive with new icings and techniques being used.

Take a look at our gallery and find the best ideas for ! Soft earthy colors dominate this two-tiered, woodsy-themed cake. This is one of the baby shower sheet cakes that feature a smiley, plush little monkey. A monkey baby shower sheet cake topper is a super popular choice in This one is really tall making it look great on the food table. Thomas has been a popular character for many years from the TV show.

Caramel corn is scattered around this baby shower cake for boys. Thomas stands out nicely because of his blue and red accents. This baby shower cake is so sophisticated! This one is gorgeous! Stark white fondant sets this cake apart and also provides a clever place for your message. The pretty polka dots and striped pastels are a lovely contrast against the white for showcasing the friendly hippopotamus.

This precious pink baby girl cake is loaded with awesome floral decorations and also features a stork delivering a sweet bundle as a topper. The stork on this cake not only has a hat and umbrella but is holding the baby securely under its wing!

This is an awesome teal and aqua creation. Shown on the cake are all the kinds of things boys love that move, a car, a truck, a helicopter, a hot air balloon and a train engine topper. All pictured against a smooth sky blue background with clouds. The colors on this 2-tiered baby shower cake are as soft as can be. The sweetest elephant ever is the cake topper, sitting in a puddle next to a curious little bird. The other animals surround them on the bottom layer.

Yellow stars are tumbling onto the bottom tiers while the baby sleeps by a crescent moon. The baby is guarded by a little pink rabbit and a sturdy elephant. This cake is very nicely-designed! This is a fun cake for boys! This one is so colorful and striking! The three smaller bows adorn the bottom tier. Everything is in the same cool color palette. This baby shower cake idea sits on a slice of wood for a platter and is elevated atop a wooden box.

The cute fawn matches the colors of the wood and peeks from behind one of one of the big full pink roses. This is one of the baby shower cakes shown that is frosted with classic white buttercream. This might be the best one yet! In the year creativity has no limits. This topsy-turvy, dreamy 2-tiered wonder takes your breath away. A realistic-looking baby tops this cake with an impossibly long blanket draped across both tiers.

A crescent moon, stars, and clouds surround the precious sleeping infant. The rings of grayish-silver hues on the bottom half are repeated on the upper tier by the gray umbrella-toting elephant cake topper.

Well-thought-out color choices include the yellow fondant on the upper tier repeated by the yellow umbrella which is tied with a silver ribbon. This is a very sophisticated elephant baby shower cake design. This classically shaped 2-tiered design is a study in contrasts. The stark white upper tier with a simple white bow is in contrast to the dense texture of nonpareils on the bottom tier. This is a very unique baby shower cake and is very striking.

Everything for an outing with baby is included in magnificent detail in and around the diaper bag in this unique cake design. This illustrates cake-decorating as an art! Mom and all the guests will be amazed. Some of the little clothes have tumbled down, naturally. This one is awesome, old school, and clearly delicious. Frosted with delicious buttercream, shaped like a onesie and covered with star-shaped, multi-colored sprinkles. Two of the babies on this cake are wailing with eyes scrunched closed.

The third baby has stopped crying but looks a little confused, pouting with eyes wide open. These three infants look like 3D animation. The black polka dots on edge of the cake plate and black inside their deep wide open mouths are a contrast to their pink and rosy-cheeked little bodies. Very well-done and super funny! It should be. A blue teddy bear tops this cute 2-tiered, 2-colored baby shower cake. The bottom tier is adorned with buttons covering the sides while the upper tier features baby clothes hanging from a clothesline.

Lollipops, cookies, candies and baby, all as sweet as can be, are exploding out of this super colorful cake in all directions.

The tilted cupcake topper is the perfect addition. Again, this topsy turvy cake looks like the 3D animation! This 3-tiered airy design has a unique look to it.

A little balloon toting, smiling boy sits atop it. This cake is so happy and such a breath of fresh air! This simple and sleek modern design is very eye-catching and one of the best cakes for girls without being too pink. If someone is a Disney fan and there are many this unique baby shower cake is perfect for a baby shower given for parents who are expecting a little girl.

This unique cake design will be a perfect addition to the table at your baby shower! An elephant, a giraffe, and a lion are toppers on three separate multi-layered creations. Displayed at different heights and of different color schemes they work together nicely and certainly make a statement.

Classic pastels are the palette for the familiar images on this baby shower cake. Baby shoes take center stage as a topper with hearts floating above them. There are also multi-colored hearts scattered about lavishly. Clean fresh white fondant is the background for this creation. These four active bears are arranged on classic pastel baby colors.

Each of the three tiers is covered with a different colored fondant. Daisies, gingham, and clouds in the sky adorn this cake design. The middle tier has space for a message. Themes, patterns, and colors planned well to work perfectly together. The background of the two tiers is a soft blue and adorned with yellow banners. The colors are very soft and the elephants stand out against the background colors.

This cake is beautiful. Every color of the rainbow is in it. The topper is a pink mama bird next to her baby in a nest. The giant green bow seems to be tied where the cake meets the plate. Non-stop color!

Sky blue fondant covers the cake with a big pink bow around the bottom. Very cute. This is another one of the woodland-themed baby shower cakes that are currently so popular. Besides the fawn topper, there are other baby animals around the bottom tier and they all have flowers on their little heads. A little whale spouting water in which a baby with angelic wings plays is the baby shower cake topper on this one.

The tiers are encircled with cool wave borders. The cake has a fluorescent look to it and the little whale has soft rosy cheeks, all done with skillful airbrushing. The pink baby really stands out against the cool watercolors.

30 Delicious Dripping Cake Ideas Oozing With Icing

Drip cake. Drizzle cake. Drippy cake. Dripping cake. Flooded cake.

If you are looking for a fun and pretty way to decorate a cake, this marble drip cake is for you! Lightly frost the cakes before adding the fondant. Then place it over a lightly frosted cake.

Baby shower cakes have such a vast variety of designs. Gender reveal, boy, girl, twins, drip cake, woodland themed, rubber duckie, onsies… gosh the list really can go on and on and on and on aaaaannnndddd…. You get the idea! Personally, I really love the pastel colours that are gender neutral, and I always have a soft spot for drip cakes. And I really enjoy creating little fondant animal figurines, because they are usually baby animals and just turn out so adorable!

The Perfect White Chocolate Ganache Drip Cake Recipe

Nothing makes a party quite like the perfect cake. Online cake ordering is available from select stores with more being added every month. Click here to see what ordering options are available in your area. Ready to order? Go to the Custom Cakes Ordering page experience and design your cake for pick up in your local Walmart store. Themed cakes online ordering is coming soon! Until then, browse the cake catalogs below and order in person or by phone at your local Walmart Bakery. Download Baby Shower Cake Catalog section. Download 1st Birthday Cake Catal o g section.

Cakes for Teenagers

Our chocolate drip cake features an explosion of your favourite retro chocolate bars on top Chocolate explosion drip cake is made with all your favourite chocolate bars and is flooded with chocolate ganache. The drip is often a ganache or loose icing that is drizzled around the top edge of the cake so it drips down to create the drip effect. It can also be referred to as a flooded cake.

The biggest cake trend of so far are drip cakes — those beautifully presented and delicious-looking cakes which have their icing oozing down their sides. We love the addition of those delicious strawberries too!

Okay, if you stumbled upon on this article I am sure you need a baby shower idea, so start looking at these wonderful baby shower cake designs! So to satisfy her we deliver the coolest baby shower cake pictures that will inspire you. Cakes are the centerpiece at parties for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, or weddings. The cake should be the right size for the number of guests.

20 Fabulous Drip Cakes Inspiration

Drip cakes are becoming one of the hottest trends in the cake decorating world. It easily is the one of the best and versatile cake decorating themes. There was so much inspiration on the social media and it was hard to choose just 20 drip cakes.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: How to Make a Loaded Birthday Cake (Candy Drip Cake) - Cake Decorating Tutorial

Ohh you guysss I LOVE you guys! So many of you have been so kind to share your delicious looking chocolate drip cakes created using THIS recipe - I'm so chuffed that it works for you as well as it does for me but of course it would ;. Thank you so much for all your Instagram tags, tweets and messages. I love this happy baking community, gives me all the soft and squidgies. The beauty of the chocolate ganache drip recipe I shared was that it was drop dead simple.

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Will it be a boy or a girl? This classic vanilla cake will be colored in pink or blue and is filled with white vanilla buttercream. Frosted with blue vanilla buttercream  € - ‎In stock.








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