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Adults have revealed the damaging comments their parents made which stayed with them from childhood and went on to effect their lives. People took to the question-sharing site Quora to comment on the thread titled: 'What is the most psychologically damaging thing you can say to a child? Some of the people who answered admitted the hurtful words they grew up hearing such as being told not to be a 'burden', while one woman's admission was shocking - that her parent told her they would have 'killed' her for being born a girl. A woman called Ridima claimed a parent had told her they would have 'killed' her if noone was there to question it in the shocking thread. A user called Ridima shared her personal experiences of a parent's words having a diminishing effect on children.

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Beautiful wife in astrology quora. Beautiful wife. According to western astrology Venus is known as Lucifer and Hebrews named it as Astoreth. Ro utilizes a blend of well-trained intuition, emotional warmth, and technical proficiency in horoscope interpretation. Early and unexpected death of mother leaves behind the child with a range of emotions ranging from anxiety, remorse, fear, frustration, depression and yearning.

In astrology: As per vimshootari mahadasha system - 7th house is the house of partner, wife. The 7th house of the astrology chart deals with your spouse. People born under the sign of the Twins represent the union of dualities within the human soul: dark and light.

I even put on 40 pounds from stress, and an amazing thing happened besides my ass being the size of a barn. Beautiful wife if: a Venus aspects or conjuncts Jupiter cr ii 7th house, or iii 7th lord; But remember in Astrology, No rule works in isolation.

As she is unpredictable, it is difficult to guess her nature in a short time. One of his aides took the calculation further, and was able to announce triumphantly that the Earth was created on Sunday the 21st of October, B. We did the love marriage since our families was very against to us n both were very conservative in thinking I decide to run away from native place along with her. Astrologylover is your Favourite Astrology Blog. It is a form of Maha Lakshmi, the wife of lord Vishnu.

After Rahu we have to see Venus and Jupiter. This woman was beautiful. Venus is considered as Goddess of love, marriage, beauty and comforts. We have to co-relate both D1 and D9 chart. I am married to the person you see in the pic below. If the Lagna is Gemini, Virgo, Libra or Sagittarius and no other planet is located in the Moonsign your wife will be reasonably beautiful and attractive.

Remember Venus and Mercury is the principle planet for stunning spouse prediction astrology. Husband Profession Navamsa Wonder if you will have a happy married life? Find out about all the yogas and combinations related to marriage in astrology. Here are five more reasons why women born under Virgo are the most beautiful among the zodiac signs in astrology.

A person affected with Venus is fond of excessive rest, love affairs, fragrance, good clothes, beauty, decoration, dance, music, black hair, luxury, adultery, alcohol, drugs and artistic abilities. Jupiter and Venus is the most important planet when we look for the married life because Jupiter is the husband in a women chart and Venus is the wife in a man chart. It is a karaka planet of marriage, sexual pleasure, clothes and luxuries.

There are planets combinations which shows about foreign, different culture or different cast of spouse. This occurs no matter in which sign it is placed, but the sign definitely has an influence on what type of beauty the native has.

Get Horoscopes daily by Zodiac Signs, Astrology, Numerology and more on Times of India Aries woman is independent, full of energy and always ready to take initiative. Of course it can, if we are talking about the science of Vedic astrology.

If Saturn influences 7th or 7th lord, wife will be ordinary, older in Think that you might have missed some really interesting answers on Quora last year?

In women birth chart Jupiter represent husband and Mars represents boyfriend because women life is different than men life. Atmakaraka Planet is one of the Key factor in Jaimini astrology. Her beauty is so spellbound that each boy wants to have her in his life. Astrological Significance: Indication of Early Death of Mother in Astrology The mother and infant bonding is universal to all mammalian spices.

She is beautiful in a sensual way. But when she decides to dress up, the effect is never less than amazing. General Characteristics: Energy, strength and potential power, bright in appearance, distinct in speaking, skilled at making money.

Venus gives fair, attractive, beautiful and sexy wife. Mercury denotes wife of whitish complexion, intelligent and well educated but wavering mind. This is the house of spouse and marriage and legal binding, business relationships, contracts, negotiations and agreements. The marriage becomes complete and binding when the seventh step is taken. Especially the 8th house and its lord. With his scintillating wit and mercurial moods, the Gemini man can be a delightfully confusing conundrum.

Book Your Consultation! If you think I have missed something or you have some information about spouse from Navamsa chart, please feel Free to comment. A lovely wise lady of Pisces sign truly mesmerizes everyone. If you want to get Astrological consultation from Me, Book an appointment. If benefic planets or 10th lord is in Taurus or Libra and Venus or lord of 7th house is in 10th then the native will become rich by marriage or through the wife's earnings.

First you need to find out which planet rules your 7th house. One may go to foreign country and settle there. If moon and jupiter are in 7th from karakamsha the person will have very beautiful wife[Atisundari] Venus in the seventh from karakamsha ,the wife will be sensuous[Kaamvathi] While mercury indicates wife well versed in arts [ Kalaavathi] The sun so placed will give wife well protected[Rakshitha] Saturn well placed will give pious wife [ tapasvini] What is it like to have a beautiful wife?

The institution of a hindu marriage includes the Saptapadi or the taking of seven steps by the bridegroom and the bride jointly before the sacred fire. Like different elements behave more or less the same that which falls in a particular group in a chemical periodic table, in the same way different individuals can be seen behaving more or less An Aquarius Female Profile to Help You Understand Aquarius Women Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac, equivalent to the sign 'Kumbha' in Vedic astrology.

A Scorpio woman in love with her partner is an encouraging and devoted wife. She knows that real beauty is about being strong, healthy, and smart. This includes planetary combinations for successful career and Sudden Rise in life in Vedic astrology.

For Beautiful spouse in astrology, Strong Venus could be very a lot wanted. This might seem odd to some people. It usually point out Life associate. Few Personality Traits by Certain Dominant Planets in a Chart Mystics and astrologers have a unique way of seeing people in a standardised cluster.

The fifth house in Vedic astrology denotes: Love marriage. Venus represents a wife or spouse in vedic astrology. When both the Planets are placed Together, this is even better. Such a person may be attached to other woman too.

Symbol: A large tree with spreading branches giving protection to others, potters wheel, a decorated gateway used for marriage ceremonies. Complimenting her and appreciating the little things she does for you will surely make a big impression on her. The aim is to spread the knowledge of astrology and to clear the myths and misconceptions that revolve around this science. Every sign is ruled by each planet. The planets ruled by each sign are given below: Rahu is the main significator for foreign Land.

When Jupiter is placed in seventh house of horoscope, the person is blessed with a beautiful wife. So in case of foreign spouse in astrology, Rahu is the main planet too.

Venus in first house of horoscope gives sexual pleasures and a beautiful wife. So in a nutshell, your 4th house, 7th house, Lagna,10th house from Upapada Lagna is very important to predict Spouse profession in astrology. The Seventh House represents partnerships and relationship. But how does it transform peoples life. I considered that I may have been thinking in terms that were too narrow regarding the astrology of pregnancy. So it is the significator of desire for a particular soul.

Power is defined as different things like courage or inner strength. The person having Venus in first house of his horoscope is a neat and clean person. If you want your personal chart done, I recommend a colleague whose approach to reading astrology charts closely matches my own. You strongly need a partner who shares a similar faith and philosophical viewpoint and can empower it. Spouse Prediction If Moon is Placed in your 7th house- your spouse can be very much emotional, soft hearted, sentimental etc.

Arudha pada of the 3 rd and 9 th houses from lagna and Sun indicate the ability to conceive. Since beauty is in the eye of the beholder, there are qualities in different signs that one person may find more beautiful than others.

For example, Taurus' stubbornness can sometimes make them hard to deal with while Pisces has Your birth chart, also known as an astrology or natal chart, is a map to the placement of the planets at the exact moment you were born. Conceiving, growing a new life, and having a baby represent a huge lifestyle change — it is a significant and powerful life-altering event when a child is brought into the world.

This question originally appeared on Quora. Yes, I said it, astrology is a science. Foreign Spouse Love Marriage Astrology There are many clues in astrology about what kind and location of spouse one can get.

Murali Krishnan has summarized the best Quora answers. So we need to see Venus and planets associated with it for getting some hints about spouse profession in astrology.

He tried his best to include as many good answers as possible and compiled a list of answers over The Scorpio woman is beautiful in a unique way. The placement of Venus and Moon in the 7th house is a very Strong yoga for Beautiful wife in astrology.

The sixth house in Vedic astrology denotes: maternal uncle. What she needs is a strong partner to support her in her endeavors, love her body and take out the trash.

Get your own birth chart, and look at the cusp or beginning of your 7th house, and which sign that is in.

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Top definition. Quora unknown. A website filled with pseudo intellectuals, unfunny teens, and insecure Indians who can't stop asking about what foreigners think of their country, their chances of finding a white girl, and why Pakistan is the devil. Did you Sukhdeep ask about his chances with a white girl on Quora?

Ou Shengda saw that he was retreating Don t think so, this is a painful thing for Male Enhancement Pills all three of us. The morning dew is too heavy, of course, it can t be done There are too many mosquitoes in the evening, and it is definitely better.

Frankenstein has just created his monster, and now to comply with the Monster's wishes, he has created a wife for him, and now he will weld their souls together with one last experiment. But the scientist and Igor don't realize they've already fallen in love. Don't let them feel useless. T Z Comment by Guh-huh.

The simp has fallen in love with the egirl

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20 Things to Remember If You Love a Person with ADD/ADHD

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Ken Mazaika , CTO and co-founder of thefirehoseproject. Just show up.

As someone very wise once said, you will never find it if you are actively looking for it, love only graces when you are least expecting -- it is the paradox but it also is the key. And every relationship comes with its own set of blessings and issues, slightly more so if one is in an inter-racial relationship. Right from food habits and lifestyle to culture, almost everything is at loggerheads. So, when someone on Quora asked Indian users if they have ever been in a relationship with a foreigner and about their experiences, the responses were everything from romantic and hilarious to bittersweet.

How To Be the Best Version of Yourself

You never know what to say. You tiptoe around; unsure which step or word will be the one that sets off an explosion of emotion. Life is more difficult for them than the average person. Everything is intense and magnified.

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Your account is not active. We have sent an email to the address you provided with an activation link. Check your inbox, and click on the link to activate your account. A guy invites a girl on a date, tries all of his best moves, but she says no. A guy has to move on. Scroll down to check out what he wrote!

Jan 18, - 'You're why people kill girls before they're born': Adults share the most damaging that her parent told her they would have 'killed' her for being born a girl. Luke, a father of three, wrote the most damaging thing parents can do is Fall in love with linen again: Forget boring beige, think rainbow brights.

Side Dish Mamba mentality quora Never in a million years would I think I'd be so lucky to have someone who cared for me and would drop everything to help me. Pro athletes are cut from a different mold. While it is the name on the front of the jersey that is the most important, the number on the back of the uniform has dis 29 Feb - Explore wayneford's board "Design: Editorial", which is followed by people on Pinterest. Leonard was shot multiple times and was pronounced dead at the hospital, per The Los Angeles Times. On Feb 6th they got rid of the Wuhan governor and assigned a new one there.

12 Uncommon Symptoms Of Depression You May Be Overlooking

This largely reportorial volume covers many aspects of today's computer-programming trade. Or profession? As far as I recall, Thompson never mentions the terms systems analysis or software

Beautiful wife in astrology quora

Our game is over. We can keep fighting and cuddling and crying and shanking each other in the most intimate wounds we shared when trust was the drug we shot each other up with but I have no trust left to give you. Yet despite the blood dripping down your face, your charming mask remains perfectly in place, a lifetime of practice no doubt, and sadly, I know other women are destined to ignore the bloody warnings and suffer the same fate. I know I certainly waved away the women who were kind enough to warn me to run, not walk, away from you.

According to The Guardian, Scottish researchers said 94 percent of accidents causing death or bodily harm involved male drivers.

Beautiful wife in astrology quora. Beautiful wife. According to western astrology Venus is known as Lucifer and Hebrews named it as Astoreth. Ro utilizes a blend of well-trained intuition, emotional warmth, and technical proficiency in horoscope interpretation.

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If this is your first time registering, please check your inbox for more information about the benefits of your Forbes account and what you can do next! What are some less common somatic symptoms of depression? Answer by Mike Leary , psychotherapist in private practice, on Quora :. Many people know of depression from experiencing it themselves or seeing friends or coworkers struggle with lethargy, trouble concentrating, and chronic fatigue. It's this low mood over a long period of time most people identify as depression. Commercials for antidepressants usually show a disheveled, tearful person huddled in their bathrobe or hunched over the kitchen table staring into space unable to work or face the day.


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