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Robbie Amell , star of " Upload ," explains why you can't miss the latest from " Parks and Recreation " creator Greg Daniels. Watch the video. Title: Girl Meets Upstate 08 Jul Riley and Maya go to Shawn's house to get the real Maya back. Meanwhile, Lucas decides who he loves the most.

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All the stuff involving Cory and Shawn together ruled and everything else sucked. For all the positive stuff I was reading about this episode the past few days I sure was underwhelmed by it. Glad to see we're on mostly the same page Sean and Christian. I will give the paint thing one positive remark In the beginning of the scene there is some genuine pain in her delivery regarding her dad's neglect that I hadn't heard in her in like the whole series.

It quickly went to shit though after that. Maybe it would have been better if Topanga had said something like, "It's been awhile since I Shawn's eyes light up like that". Loved the episode, but mostly for the fan service, the storyline itself feels forced, as it has for the last I can't wait for Josh to return to the show, I'm kind of clinging to hope that he will be the one to put an end to this stupid triangle storyline once and for all.

I agree with you both--the scenes at the cabin were hilarious, the best we've seen since "Pluto," and everything Cory and Shawn did felt organic. Reportedly, they did the handshake in one take, which is quite impressive. But Sean's right, there is definitely an undercurrent of forcing people to do things. I do prefer to let things flow along a bit more naturally--like you said, a push is nice, but this is a little much.

Of course, considering Cory pretty much held the hands of his main students throughout the first two seasons, so in that regard, it sort of makes sense that Riley would try to force Maya to change. As for the Friar scenes They're terrible. And Friar is a terrible love interest and a lousy friend and the worst character whom I am meant to root for I have ever seen.

I despise Friar. I hate him so much I am no longer going to call him by his first name. Now that that's out of the way, if I may say something about the scenes with the mothers, and Friar. These scenes show the disparity this show has.

The scenes at the cabin, even acknowledging the slightly absurd premise, still feel like Boy Meets World to some degree. The ones at the apartment do not feel like the Feeny-verse. They felt a lot more like just banal Disney Channel mumbo jumbo. Friar hasn't spoken to either Topanga nor Katy directly in ages.

I don't even remember the last time Friar spoke to Topanga directly--or at least not when he was speaking to just her rather than both of Riley's parents, and the last time he spoke to Katy had to be "Pluto" with the time capsule. This was a tremendously missed opportunity.

The mothers were in a perfect position to destroy the Triangle once and for all. Why didn't Topanga tell Friar to get the hell out of her apartment and stay away from her daughter, whom he pretty much strung along for two years? Riley's identity is tied almost entirely into Friar, and even if this whole "Maya became Riley" thing is a pain, too much of her identity is tied into that damned piece of plastic too.

To be fair, I don't think we can complain about characters forcing development; then complain that Topanga could have ended the triangle once and for all. I think Lucas -has- to be the one to finish it off; or the girls do. I think anyone else doing it is cheap. Perhaps it isn't fair, but I feel like there's a difference in friends pressuring one another, for better or worse, and a parent forbidding contact from a lousy love interest.

Maybe my hatred of Friar is clouding my judgment I agree that Lucas is one of the worst love interests I've seen on any show. But I feel Riley has to figure that out for herself. And well, from an in-universe perspective, what's a teenager going to do if their parents are trying to drive a love interest away? Topanga even has -some- personal experience to draw on there; with how she acted when her parents moved to Pittsburgh.

If she really does think Lucas isn't a good match, that's the last thing she wants to inspire. Will van Roekel-Agreed. Also, I don't think Topanga is opposed to Lucas as a love interest, she just wants the triangle to be over.

She wants her daughter to be able to explore new relationships if that's what is in store for her, or learn how to be in a relationship if that's the next step. I think Topanga just wants her to get to the next step, whatever that is. Cryptid, the Friar-centric sequences under-delivered on the big bag of nothing they promised. Zayed said all the right things. I never would have friends crawl into my window. He is the voice of reason and not being creepy. Kit - Topanga -should- object to Lucas as a love interest for one reason - he's been basically stringing Riley, and lately Maya, along for 2 years.

He is either a good-for-nothing coward who's too afraid to fight for what he wants, or he's just not that into either girl. The jury is out on which it is. Lucas has done nothing, despite Riley's very overt pushing for it on occasion. I don't object to Lucas, as a character exactly. But he is a horrible love interest; despite the fact he seems to only be there as a love interest. It's not the first time Zay has been the voice of reason as far as crawling into her bedroom window.

And meeting a couple of guys, in your possible girlfriend's bedroom, when she's not even there? Umm, can't you meet like, at your house? Or the park? I agree the show is forcing people. Is it me, or does every episode somehow made to feel like its a friendship, life ending kind of ordeal? Like this Maya finding herself storyline. They're freshmen in High School. Of course they're finding themselves. And if Maya was so upset about losing herself, why did it never pop up before?

One comment from an art teacher, and suddenly she can't stand the way she's become? I think there was potential in the story idea if they set it up better, and spread it out. The art teacher could have said something, and then over half a dozen episodes we could have had Maya acting out, doing things she would have done before, trying to return to being Maya.

It could have built up over time, giving hints, and having a few people catch on to the problem. Instead we got an apparently huge and intolerable problem coming out of nowhere. Not only did a lot of it not make sense, the entire Maya becoming Riley thing was stupid, Maya admiring Riley is as much a part of her character as her acting out, but it was so filled with false drama.

I wanted someone to just say, 'stop freaking out. You're in high school. Wondering what kind of person you are turning into is natural. Stop trying to solve a large problem in a few conversations. Take a few weeks, and actually take the time to think about it in depth.

I haven't watched BMW in a while, but I remember there being irrelevant episodes. I think there was an episode where Corey felt short or not as handsome as Eric.

There were numerous episodes of Corey dealing with Francis and that group of bullies. Episodes that were entertaining, but really didn't have a sense of drama or even contribute to the overall story significantly besides being things most kids have to deal with at some point. Like when Zay was introduced. Not only did it introduce an important character, it also revealed that Lucas had been expelled from his previous school for fighting. It showed both that Lucas wasn't a merely placid nice guy, and that he had a serious protective streak.

That protective streak was briefly touched up on when they entered high school 'I can't protect them here' or 'Not so easy to protect them anymore, is it? I want to try out for football. When was the last time Farkle got any real development, or any time alone. Lately he's either with the genius girl or part of the group. Having him say 'I am Farkle' isn't enough to give him character when he seems to merely be part of the group now.

Have an episode where Farkle is a tutor or something. An episode of Lucas and Zay trying out for football, and maybe Zay becoming hung up on not being as good as Lucas. Riley trying to start a 'Happy Club'. Maybe have Maya and Riley's brother bond in a chapter. We've had a lot of Maya saying she wished to be a part of Riley's family, but little to no interaction between her and them without Riley present.

Fun, but irrelevant chapters with character development. As for the triangle. I don't mind the weirdness of the situation, and wouldn't if it continued for a while. What I hate is how utterly consuming it is. When was the last time Lucas hung out with Riley or Maya without it quickly becoming awkward or coming back to the triangle?

People are saying that Lucas is a bad love interest, but this is just a bad relationship entirely. Lucas isn't the first teenager to like two girls and be confused about it.

Girl Meets Upstate

Boy Meets World flashback! Shawn explains back when Cory tried to be cool like Shawn, and how he made Cory understand that having distinct personalities was a good thing. The topic changes to his jealousy of Cory growing up. He loved Angela because he thought that was what he was supposed to do, he never felt like he could catch up on life events, etc.

All the stuff involving Cory and Shawn together ruled and everything else sucked. For all the positive stuff I was reading about this episode the past few days I sure was underwhelmed by it.

It aired on July 8, to 1. Riley and Maya take a trip upstate to visit Shawn and get some advice, and an angry paint fight reveals Maya's true artistic talent. Each carrying a large laundry bag full of clothes, Riley and a confused Maya begin their adventure to bring Maya back to her old self; they board an upstate-bound train to visit Shawn at his remote lakeside cabin. Once there, Riley blames Shawn for being too much of a good influence on Maya, and Shawn opens up about his early friendship with Cory, particularly that he couldn't understand why Cory wanted to be like him since Shawn longed to be like Cory; Shawn notes that Maya's change in behavior through Riley mirrors his own change through Cory, and Maya wants Shawn to help turn her back into who she used to be.

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